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having to tell your situation over and over - one call can do it all.
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We offer complete professional auction services (both online only and live auctions held in a hall) for all your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Artworks
  • Antiques
  • Estates
  • Collectibles
  • Real Estate
  • Farms
  • Charity & Fundraising Galas & Auctions
  • Liquidation Plus...
  • Real Estate - We can offer you a one desk approach to selling your valuable possessions.  From the contents of your home to the real estate itself, we can help you.
  • Helpful assistance in co-ordination and organization of your articles for consignment
  • Exceptional and effective advertising, promotion & marketing including all media, Internet, email, etc.
  • Computerized system for clerking and cashiering and complete sale reports
  • Assist you in arrangement of moving your articles to the auction site or hold an online auction right from your location.
  • We'll gladly accept any number of quality items for auction, from one article to a complete estate
  • Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff  - Let us make it easy for you!

Please visit our web page Sell At Auction for more information on how we can add A Touch of Class to your Auction needs! 
We offer a professional Appraisal Service for all types of appraisal needs - estate settlement, probate, insurance, fair market value, separation/divorce, antiques, household, liquidation and much more.

Please visit our web page on APPRAISALS for more details on this professional service.

A Touch of Class Auctions does not provide appraisals from emails, we appreciate your interest in our appraisal service and would be pleased to discuss our fees with you. 

We have worked hand in hand with executors, lawyers, trust companies, financial institutions, realtors, funeral services, and charities since 1986.  Give us a call, we'd be pleased to discuss our services with you.



A well-planned and executed fundraising benefit auction event is one of the most powerful fundraising tools available today.  In Touch Auction Events will offer you unique and exciting ways to raise substantial sums of money.  These events will be personally designed to be creative fun filled occasions that will create interest in your event.

Booking the venue, creating the theme, using the resources of In Touch Auction Events, including the consultants and Auctioneers, should be done as soon as possible, as these are the essential key elements.  The acquisition drive, volunteer recruitment and all the planning should start early.  This will give In Touch Auction Events and your organization time to plan their strategy and present the most successful and rewarding fund raising event.

In Touch Auction Events specializes in fund raising, using the base of a sensational live and silent auction.  This professional team offers you experienced fund raisers and award winning auctioneers.  We have trained and worked with many large and small organizations and local auction committees.  As part of the training process, we will provide you with an easy to follow manual and schedule designed specifically for your event.  Tips on choosing a theme, product procurement, audience development, marketing, promotion, decorating, lighting, sound systems, silent and live auction display, and cashiering are shared with your event team.  Our Consultants, Auctioneers and Administrative Staff are ready to assist you every step of the way.

In Touch Auction Events can provide every product and service necessary to implement and manage your successful benefit auction event.  As a client you may choose from a menu of services, a la carte, or the total package that includes all of our services.

Charity Auctions Benefit from using a Professional Auctioneer:

  • A growing number of charitable organizations are using an annual auction as their top fundraising event, and that raises the question of who will act as their Auctioneer.
  • The trend has steadily turned away from the old practice of using a local celebrity (such as the TV news anchor or weatherman) because groups are realizing that a Professional Auctioneer can generate more revenue and a better organized and entertaining event. 
  • A career Auctioneer is skilled with reading the audience, utilizing many tactics to stimulate bidding.  A Professional Auctioneer also understands the proper order of sale and grouping of appropriate items for best revenue. 
  • Also, a non-professional Auctioneer likely does not understand auction laws that govern bidding and purchases, and could put the charitable organization at legal risk if a disagreement occurs between bidders. 
  • Charity auctions are great fun to attend, and they help worthy causes.  But these organizations and events are not as simple as they were many years ago, with computerized systems and electronic gadgetry now being a mainstay of current auctions. 
  • A Professional Auctioneer advises groups on preparation of the auction, marketing, timing, set-up of items, length and conduct of the auction and many more details that make a great difference in the bottom line revenue and the smooth running of the event.