When it becomes necessary to sell your items, whether from an estate, a single item or an antique collection, many people just don't know where to start. Most don't have the time or the knowledge to determine the difference between a $10 trinket and a $10,000 antique. A Touch of Class Auction & Appraisal Service can help you protect your valuable assets.

When choosing an auctioneer or auction company you have many choices and we recognize that. However not all auction companies are equal. We know that you will want to choose auction for your own reasons you may have a life changing situation that has occurred or you may just want to downsize, or clear out some of your collection.  There are many valid reasons to decide to sell.  Auctions provide a fast proven method for turning your assets into cash.  We have auctions on our schedule that will accommodate your quality items, we can bring motivated buyers from around the world to the auctions, with immediate results.  We know that competitive bidding stimulates higher prices.

A Touch of Class is a full service auction company dedicated to providing families, executors, lawyers and other individuals the most comprehensive and technologically-advanced auction and estate sale services. A Touch of Class is a regional business with national and international reach, enabling us to offer our clients an effective, convenient and profitable means of turning assets into cash. We can provide partnerships with International reach.

You can rest assured that we will do our very best to make sure that your auction is a success.

You Only Have One Chance For A Successful Auction. 

We live up to our name, and we are A Touch of Class in everything we do!